We have been busy working on creative and innovative solutions for the advertising industry since 2009.

In 2015, we created our own exhibition system which we then began to introduce onto the market with remarkable success, at the same time as re-registering the company to proFAIRssional Messesystem Bayern GmbH. In the same year, we received a distinction from the Bavarian Ministry of Economy for innovation in exhibiting, while our largest and the most prestigious client is Mercedes-Benz.

As the system is manufactured within Germany, our clients are assured of controlled, constant and exceptional MADE IN GERMANY quality

Our team provides support to proFAIRssional® clients by creating designs and 3D visualisations for company stands, and by providing assembly services during trade shows and other events.




proFAIRssional® among the innovative companies in the metropolitan region of Nuremberg (IHK founder price 2016).