1 1 convenient and easy transport thanks to a transport case on wheels
2 2 thanks to special patented connectors made from plastic, joining frames together requires no tools
3 3 graphic panels are magnetically mounted, optionally on both sides of the frame

4 4 an individual structure takes just a few minutes to assemble

10 advantages of the proFAIRssional® system

  • quick and intuitive assembly without the use of tools
  • modular system which enables expansion
  • perfect large format graphic display
  • professional advertising and display stand which increases the company’s prestige
  • high return on investment thanks to the system’s durability and multiple uses
  • highest quality of product - MADE IN GERMANY
  • versatility of the system (counter, doors, TV handle, etc.)
  • graphics can be displayed on both sides of the system/frames
  • convenient transport thanks to the Trolley case
  • six years’ guarantee (hardware)



New architectural freedom goes hand in hand with speed, cost-effectiveness, quality and flexibility. With the hinge solution, a new dimension of system design opens up for all proFAIRssional® users. From now on, you can choose any system configuration with construction angles that are steplessly adjustable between 0° and 175°. Make good use of the unlimited flexibility and position your frame modules at any angles you want. The new dynamic structures and triangular forms offer your creativity even more leeway.


The proFAIRssional® system offers diverse practical solutions for the presentation of various products, including clothing, for example shelves, clothes rails, clothes hanger rails and changing booths.


LED strips (total wattage: 90 W) are installed permanently in 50x100cm and 100x100cm frames at our works. A 150W transformer guarantees trouble- free operation. The LED system can also be fitted in your proFAIRssional® frames later.


Design and configure your stand 1:10 on your desk. The 30 pieces of proFUNssional wooden blocks including silhouettes and a wooden box can be easily and quickly put together with the use of connectors and corner posts (like in real life). Have a good time!!!


Whether advertising pylons / stand-alone digital signages, division walls or / sponsor walls, our exhibition system now offers use of portable advertising signs / Sidekicks.


Our unique and flexible system solution: EXTENDABLE ADVERTISING PYLONS - DIVISIBLE SPONSOR WALLS Exploit the unbeatable merits of the modular proFAIRssional® exhibition system.


Complete system as a set

Modular and portable exhibition system by proFAIRssional®, a German company, is available as 6-/ 12-/ 18-/ 24-frame sets.

Set of 6 pieces in the trolley
Your advantages:
  • Low weight (cushioned fabric)
  • Space-saving storage during an event
  • Fits in particular with smaller and safer means of transport
  • Dimensions: 104 x 110 x 40 cm
  • Dead weight: approx. 8 kg
The 6 frames set includes:
  • 6 frames 100x100 cm
  • 4 corner profiles 100 cm
  • 20 plastic caps
  • 25 connectors
  • 1 Trolley case
  • 1 accessory bag

Set of 6 pieces in the flight case
Your advantages:
  • stable construction (plywood/PVC)
  • exceptional sustainability
  • Very high load carrying
  • Storage and safe transport of panels, screens, and similar
  • Dimensions: 110 x 115 x 60 cm
  • Dead weight: approx. 40 kg
Choose and order your set - net prices without shipment costs
net price for the set 2.320,00€
net price for the set 4.640,00€
net price for the set 6.960,00€
net price for the set 9.280,00€
Graphic Panels / net prices without shipment costs
The panels are ordered, manufactured and delivered separately. The graphics are printed on hard foam board, Dibond or PMMA, 3 mm thick. The panels carry magnetic tape on their reverse side. The panels are manufactured by SIMONA, a German company. The highest quality of print is ensured by next generation printers by swissQprint. The net prices of the graphic panel sets do not include shipment costs.
6 printed panels
net price for the set
396,- €
Prices of other panels can be found at Query/Price info - email query
Query/Price info – email query